DPS Srinagar celebrates World Autism Day

SRINAGAR: The Learning Resource Center (LRC) of Delhi Public School Srinagar celebrated the World Autism Day to showcase its solidarity with and create awareness about children with Autism. The day is celebrated globally on 2nd April. The theme this year was “Inclusive Quality Education” for all. Under this theme, the students from every background get a chance to go to school and learn the skills they need to thrive.
The event started with a detailed outline of the program presented by Ms Gousia, who specializes in Autistic education. Next Ms. Erum of the same department continued the event by describing her own experiences while dealing with such students.
To bolster the spirit of the parents of these children, three students sang songs, individually and prompted a warm reception for everyone present.
One of the valley’s renowned Neuropsychiatrist and the chief guest of the event, Dr Ajaz delivered a keynote and provided advice regarding the home plan of such children. He also spoke and counselled several parents who discussed their experiences while dealing with their autistic children in various situations. He praised the school’s endeavours and said “Creating inclusive education system requires many changes in schools, wherein the teachers should be trained in inclusive teaching methodologies and school buildings should be developed to accommodate a wide range of disabilities and the learning material should be accessible. I am glad Delhi Public School Srinagar has taken a lead in this endeavor.”
The principal Shafaq Afshan too congratulated the department and said “Our success depends not just upon our pass percentages but also on how far we are able to carry our marginalized children and integrate them into the mainstream. A resounding example of this success is a recent alumni of this department (with Asperger’s Syndrome) who is currently pursuing B.A. Honors in the Fine Arts Department at Kashmir University.
The chairman, Vijay Dhar said “At DPS Srinagar we have always reiterated that no section of society and no talent should be left behind due to any impediments. Today’s celebrations are a renewal of this pledge.”

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