Russian fighting intensifies in Kyiv suburbs

Moscow,: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says a business-like spirit is emerging at talks with Ukraine that are now focused on a neutral status for the war-torn country.

A neutral status is being seriously discussed in connection with security guarantees, Lavrov said Wednesday on Russian channel RBK TV.

There are concrete formulations that in my view are close to being agreed.

He didn’t elaborate, but said the business-like spirit starting to surface in the talks gives hope that we can agree on this issue.

Russia’s chief negotiator in the latest round of talks with Ukraine, which started Monday and are set to continue Wednesday, said earlier the sides are discussing a possible compromise idea for a future Ukraine with a smaller, non-aligned military.

A whole range of issues tied with the size of Ukraine’s army is being discussed, Russian negotiator Vladimir Medinsky said, according to Russian news agencies.

There was no immediate comment from Ukrainian officials. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Tuesday that the country realises it can’t join NATO.

Ukraine’s bid to join the Western military alliance has been a sore point for Moscow.


Dubai: Ambulances and trauma and emergency surgery supplies are on their way to Ukraine from Dubai, via Poland.

The World Health Organization on Wednesday sent the shipment from their warehouses in the United Arab Emirates on two chartered flights provided for free by the government.

These were the third and fourth flights by the WHO to be sent to Ukraine through Dubai and were carrying 36 tons of medical supplies, including medicines for noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes or hyper-tension.

The International Humanitarian City, a Dubai-based hub, has so far sent a total of 36 shipments worth approximately 4 million in response to the Ukraine emergency. They have included trauma and emergency supplies, shelter and food.


Warsaw: The prime ministers of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia have returned safely from a visit to Kyiv, as invading Russian forces menace the embattled Ukrainian capital.

The visit was meant to show support for Ukraine as it endures heavy bombardment.

The leaders met with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Tuesday to send the message that Ukraine is not alone and that they support the nation’s aspirations to one day join the European Union.

They went ahead with the hours-long train trip despite worries within the European Union about the security risks of travelling within a war zone.

Polish government spokesman Piotr Mueller said Wednesday morning that they had returned safely to Poland.

Officials had not given details about their schedule for security reasons. (AP)

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