20 Jamia Ashraf ul Uloom graduate in Hadeeth

Srinagar: On Friday Jamia Arabia Ashraf ul Uloom, a leading seminary in Srinagar wore a festive look as 20 of its students were declared to have successfully completed the Doran-I-Hadith, Al-Bukhari. At an open house convocation presided over by famed Sheikh ul Hadith, Mufti Nazir Ahmad Qasmi, Sader Mufti Daarul ULOOM Raheemiya the students were felicitated and awarded with prizes and certificates. As per the tradition the Dastaar-Bandi of the successful students was a key feature of the convocation.
In his presidential address Mufti Nazir Ahmad Qasmi gave details as to how Muhammad Al Bukhari, born July 20th, 810 AD in Bukhara in Uzbekistan, compiled the Sahih Hadeeth over a period of 16 years. He worked on the research project from the age of 16 years. He visited several places and collected a large number of Ahadith but adopted only 7500 Sayings and traditions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh),only, after verifying each and every Hadith. The Ahadith are spread over 97 chapters with repetitions(63). The book is considered as the most authentic book of Hadith and is quoted in several books.
Mufti Nazir gave a detail of who how Ahadith reached India and how Hazrat Shah Muhadith Delhvi R.A learned and taught the Hadith. Adding that in Kashmir it was Hazrat Sheikh Yaqoob Sarfi R.A who travelled far and wide including Makkah and Medina to learn Ahadith and how he taught the same on his return to Kashmir.
On this occasion efforts of Molvi Mohammad Yaqoob Rashidi , Rector and Mufti Mir Showkat Ahmad, Sadar Mufti Jamia Arabia and other faculty Were lauded in making it a success despite Covid pandemic.

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