The Political Olympics

The Political Olympics

The US believes in military campaigns and China in economic campaigns. The new decade is going to change drastically the dynamics of world politico-economics

The Beijing Winter Olympics have assumed the form of World Political Olympics, with international leaders closer to China participating while the American block involving all NATO member countries and Washington itself boycotting. Inevitably this has demarcated and drawn a clear-cut line dividing the world nations into the Chinese block and the American block. The world seems to have been once again polarised and so are the political stakes of the regional and non-regional players.
The sprawling Chinese economy and her mastery in all domains of robust technology have undoubtedly compelled several nations to join the Chinese camp. The growing interest of developing and third world nations in connecting with the Chinese economic web of BRI has unnerved the US, which is perceiving it as dangerous for her global stakes. The event of Winter Olympics-2022 in Beijing has perhaps provided an open opportunity to China to unveil unofficially the formation of a parallel world block spearheaded by Beijing.
The entire world’s attention was drawn towards leaders attending the opening ceremony and their respective political and economic amplifications derived out of being with China rather than the winter sports event. Islamabad remains the all-weather friend of Beijing, which has empowered her with mega game changer CPEC project, and is looking forwards for Chinese cooperation and heavy investment in textile, mining, car manufacturing, space technology and agriculture sectors, particularly investment in the development of backwardly Balochistan province, which she considers a boon at a time when her national economy has plummeted. Moscow joining the Chinese block along with Tehran and Ankara is bringing them closer to friendly terms, especially the past hostile two, Islamabad and Moscow. Moscow is ready with a mega gas project for 30 years with Beijing on one side and one of its limbs would connect warm waters in Pakistan on the other side. It is highly likely that Moscow and Islamabad might enter into a defence deal in near future, which is on cards, albeit Russia has been able to maintain good enough defence ties with New Delhi on priority basis.
Obviously the Sino-Russian interests are supposed to be multiple in Taliban-governed Afghanistan that would further strengthen the region involving Beijing-Islamabad-Kabul-Central Asia and Moscow. Analysts believe that the global power of the future belongs to Asia. The most remarkable event of the Winter Olympics in Beijing was the joining of Arab leaders of United Emirates and Saudi Arabia, who were welcomed and received by none but President Xi Jin-Ping himself. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is experiencing odious relations with US since Joe Biden’s tenure started. The US has removed its defence facilities including her Patriot anti-missile system from Saudi Arabia, leaving the Kingdom high and dry. This has probably paved way for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to initiate relations with Beijing. Both the monarchs of Saudi Arabia and UAE had continuously been in touch with Islamabad for using her influence in arranging berths in Chinese block. The presence of both the Arab kingdoms in Winter Olympics might have brought into lime light the departure of Middle East Giants from the American block.
Saudi Arabia had earlier joined CPEC in Gawadar with heavy investment of 200 billion dollars in oil refinery. There are indications that Saudi Arabia is developing her own ballistic missile system with Chinese help secretly. The US-NATO relations have deteriorated further on the question of a possible conflict with Russia on the issue of Ukraine. The Ukraine stand -off between Russia and the US is about to enter the second month with important US allies like Germany, France and Britain back tracking and declining to join US. This has perhaps for the first time exposed the ambiguous impuissance occurring in the NATO alliance which has added to the Eurasian giant Russia’s might in the Caucasus region. Even the Ukrainian President has denounced any future war on its soil.
On the other side Erdogan decided not to allow US naval ships to pass through the Turkish Bosphorus strait in the Black Sea to reach Ukraine in wake of an active war. This has baffled Biden’s plans to cow down Moscow. The consensus of US think tank shows a great concern for US as a declining world power. There are indications that European nations like Germany, France and Spain along with the Latin American countries like Argentina, Brazil and Mexico may join Chinese economic projects somewhere in future.
Interestingly, Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi said in the Lok Saba that if his party came to power, India would befriend China and join its trade and economic projects. Unquestionably, India enjoys a strategic and tactical regional position that would not be easy to undermine by the world powers: US, China or Russia. It is asserted that the containment of China is becoming arduous for US day after day since China is spreading her influence based on economic reconstruction and development of the world nations whereas the US does not believe in investment but uses World Bank and IMF for the dollar hierarchy. The US believes in military campaigns and China in economic campaigns. The new decade is going to change drastically the dynamics of world politico-economics and the fact that the era of armed conflicts has lost relevance, as only the economic evolution would sustain and for that reason disastrous military weaponry of the world would be forced to be dumped beneath the soil for a better world to thrive.

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