The creature that is the totalitarian state

The creature that is the totalitarian state

Orwell’s Animal Farm tell us that all revolutions which begin in the name of brotherhood ultimately end up in total betrayal

Should we call it a highly original fairy tale or ironic novel? The work of fiction that is ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell is, in my view, a matchless history of the aftermath of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Animal Farm is also one of the landmarks of utopian fiction and stands along such works as Plato’s ‘Republic’, Sir Thomas More’s ‘Utopia’, and Swift’s ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. Orwell’s main aim in this novel is to safeguard real socialism from communism.
Animal Farm is not a big work, only about 100 pages. It reflected the public mood of its time and thus became a bestseller all over the world. Animal Farm is just a short story, gay and funny in the tradition of an animal story. The story moves along gaily, and yet the satire can be seen on Russia from one point of view and from another point of view it relates to revolutions in general. Beyond that it relates in a sense to the system of government in general. It is a sustained satire as continuous as the incidents in the story. In Animal Farm each animal character is a caricature of a human type. There is a similarity between what the pigs say and what the politicians say. The story of Animal Farm is a forceful attack on Stalin and his betrayal of the Russian Revolution. Although the literal level of the story is based on Soviet history, Orwell’s purpose is more general. He says that the novel is intended as a satire on dictatorship in general. Animal Farm is thus a study in the development of the totalitarianism state.
Orwell, in this novel, has adopted one of the classical formulas of satire on the pattern of Swift’s ‘Tale of a Tub’ – the corruption of principle by expediency. Animal Farm is a criticism as well as bitter comment on all totalitarianism claims. It is a novel in which the apparent satire against Communist Russia is applicable to all revolutions. It is also more than a mere animal fable for the amusement of children. The satire takes the character and quality of a fable or an allegory. In Animal Farm, Orwell restored the allegory to its rightful place in literature. By chance this novel became more famous than his more ambitions works. The surface story casts a satiric light on our own twentieth-century socio-political world as well.
Through this novel the author wants to tell us that all the revolutions which begin in the name of brotherhood ultimately end up in total betrayal. A few people so manage things that consolidate their power while the general condition of the common people remains as it was before the revolution. As a matter of fact, it becomes worse than before. Animal Farm has enjoyed a lot of popularity since after its publication. It is acknowledged the entire world over as a children’s story in its own right.
Animal Farm is what I call an ‘easy read’. However, I challenge you to remain unmoved after reading this unique piece of literature.

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