Best Apps To Play Fantasy Cricket Online In India

Best Apps To Play Fantasy Cricket Online In India

The gaming world is dominated by fantasy cricket, where many people form a team to beat their opponent. Fantasy cricket has taken the world by storm as more and more people are inclined to play fantasy cricket rather than just playing casual online Cricket. Gone are the days when people had to get out of their houses for a fun match in the gully. The screams and excitement have come home with online fantasy cricket. There are several platforms where you can play online fantasy cricket or download fantasy cricket app.

There are several instances when you might have yearned to be a captain and lead a team. This wish of yours has been granted by online fantasy cricket, where you can select your players and lead your squad to victory. Check out these best apps to play fantasy cricket online in India.


MPL Fantasy Cricket

Many times while watching Test matches or other long format matches, your excitement is short-lived. However, this is not the case with online fantasy cricket, where you can have your dream team and use your skills and knowledge of Cricket to compete and win against the other team. Moreover, MPL allows you to earn exciting cash rewards by showcasing your talent. Here, you can feel the excitement of a fantasy league and experience a real life-like match going on in front of your eyes. What bliss it is to have your team and feel like experiencing the auction and playing in the IPL!

Moreover, you can also experience live matches broadcast on your television or other devices. You might be aware that fantasy cricket online has been popular for all the exciting and adventurous reasons that make it one of India’s best sources of entertainment. Do you want to download fantasy cricket app that showers you with rewards, cash prizes and other bounties? Get started on your journey to lead a cricket with MPL.



Another online fantasy cricket app launched in 2019, Faboom, is the most impartial application that one could enjoy. All the players have an equal chance to get on the top of the leaderboard apart from the captains and vice-captains. Here, everybody has an equal chance to show their skills and give their best shot to win. The selection of captains and vice-captains is done through a ranking system that assesses their skills and talent.


Real11 Fantasy App

If you are a die-hard Cricket fan and love to hear Hindi commentary, Real11 is the app for you. With an easy-to-use interface and visually appealing look, the application brims with exciting cash rewards and credits in your wallet. After downloading the app, your account will be credited with INR 50 as a cash bonus. You can invite your friends and form a team to play together and have a gala time together. Moreover, to join several contests against others, you have to spend Xtracash INR 50, so get ready to win more and play more.



Gamezy is another popular online fantasy cricket app developed by Gameskraft. Launched in 2019, Gamezy has several languages so that you can converse with several interesting people when you meet them online. Moreover, there are chances for you to win the game and get rewarded with cash prizes and other exciting rewards. You have the chance to win in single-bet games and enter global free leagues.

Moreover, the application had some recent updates where players can form their team before the second innings and strategize to win the game.


Kubera Fantasy App

Another popular app for online fantasy cricket, the Kubera Fantasy app is good for beginners. The application has low competition, making it the perfect platform for beginners to chisel their skills and hone their talent before diving into the vast big world. You can even play DFS contests or normal tournaments.

If you are a gaming influencer, you can join the affiliate program and earn by referring your friends and winning several tournaments. You will earn commission while enjoying the game. Players can even withdraw their wallet balance and use it further for playing more contests and maximizing their chances of winning.



GoSuper11 is another online fantasy cricket app that allows you to enjoy the game with your friends and family. Launched in 2018, GoSuper11 is the ideal platform for people who are bored after a hectic day and want to chill while playing Cricket.

GoSuper11 is an app that also offers instant settlement of payment and your rewards, making this app one-of-a-kind. Moreover, this app allows teams to play virtually and join contests to win several cash prizes.


My11 Circle

Launched and developed by the Play Games 24*7, My11 Circle is determined by national and international games and will give you all the IPL, and World Cup feels. With our “dada” as the brand ambassador, My11 Circle promises much more than any ardent cricketer would expect out of a game. You can invite your friends or meet other players to beat them and win amazing prizes. Another advantage of the game is that you will win three times more than what you are betting.



HalaPlay is another popular online fantasy cricket with several fun features that you can use to strategize and hone your skills. Moreover, the app uses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics that help the players to assess their strategies and methods to improve their game and win every contest. You can even play daily, weekly and monthly contests and get on top of the leaderboard to win exciting prizes. Another advantage of the game is that you can download your prize money anytime without any fuss.

The Internet is brimming with several fun online fantasy cricket apps that you can choose from and have an exciting time with your friends and family. You can choose any one of the apps and win exciting rewards and cash prizes by showing your talent.


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