IGNOU RC Srinagar organized Srinagar holds virtual introductory meet for July 2021 session

SRINAGAR: Regional Center Srinagar has organized an induction meeting for the learners enrolled for the July 2021 session. The meeting was conducted through virtual mode on the facebook of RC Srinagar.
This meeting was supposed to be conducted in physical/Gesture way, due to covid protocol; the RC Srinagar has decided to conduct it in the virtual mode. The induction meeting has been addressed by Regional Director RC Srinagar Dr. Kamlesh Meena. In the meeting a huge number of learners have participated in the meet through virtual mode.
The Regional Director RC Srinagar has addressed the learners in regard to their programme structure like submission of the assignments, examination forms and Re-registration for next course/semester. In the meeting the Director RC Srinagar has thoroughly explained the learners about their programmes and enlightened the role of ODL system of learning.
The aim and objectives of such meetings are to familiarize the newly enrolled learners at IGNOU to let them know their academic activities and curricula of open distance learning. Regional Director Srinagar has presented a powerpoint presentation through virtual mode, which was reflecting while the session of induction was going through virtual mode. In the powerpoint presentation all information pertaining to respective programmes offered by IGNOU were being shown by OBS software system through IGNOU facebook virtual mode.
The presentation was composed to keep in view the hardships which may come ahead to our prospective learners; through this presentation the learners became familiar about their hardships and how to address/manage them for the smooth pursuance of their respective programmes. This nature of induction meet is the first induction meet conducted by Regional Center Srinagar under the guidance, supervision and conduct by Regional Director Dr. Kamlesh Meena. Dr. Meena started the induction meet at 11:00AM to 12:30PM during this time; Dr. Meena has cleared all doubts of learners regarding their academic activities of their programme. The process of power point presentation has resulted fruitfully by reflecting all the information through the slides; more than 40 slide shows have been from time to time reflected through the OBS software system via facebook virtual mode.
The meeting remained satisfactory in nature almost three thousand learners participated in the meet, expectedly would have been more number of students but due to non availability of internet facilities in certain regions of valley the learners could not access to attempt the induction meet.
It was seen in past that due to covid-19 pandemic and prevailing circumstances of the valley the induction could not take place earlier and due to this communication gap a number of students have faced problems, hardships and difficulties in pursuing their enrolled programmes. IGNOU Regional Center Srinagar took these appreciating initiatives to facilitate the enrolled learners as being part of facilitator Dr. Meena briefed about the ICT based activities of IGNOU in Kashmir valley.

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