Shopian Covid-free for 8 days now

Shopian Covid-free for 8 days now

Anantnag: Shopian district in south Kashmir has been Covid free for the last eight days now, while no new infection has been reported in the district for the last at least 18 days.

The district, with a population of 2.66 lakh, was the first to become Covid free last year as well. Bustling with apple-picking activity currently, the district has yet again become Covid free and has maintained the status for over a week now.

The south Kashmir district has so far reported 5,607 infections, 199 of them being travellers, since last year. “Between April 1 and October 21, 2956 infections were reported in the district,” a senior official privy to data on Covid-19 told Kashmir Reader, adding, “Also, 18 people have died in the district in this time frame.”

The infections in Shopian district started to slow down around August and have continued to slump. The last infection was detected in the district on October 4, which essentially means that there have been no new infections detected in 18 days.

“However, the old infections remained active for some time and the last active person turned negative on October 14,” the official said, adding that the district has now remained Covid free since then.

The good part is there has been no Covid related death in the district in more than four months now. The last person to die of a Covid infection in the district was on June 11.

“And since, every infected person in the district has recovered well and fully,” Chief Medical Officer of the district, Arshid Hussain Tak, told Kashmir Reader. “We are ensuring that this streak remains unbroken hereon.”

The adjoining Kulgam district is also well on its way to becoming Covid free. In this month, thus far, the district has reported only 6 new cases of Covid-19, while the district has only 5 active cases as of now.

“Besides, there have been no Covid related deaths in any of the south Kashmir districts, including Anantnag and Pulwama as well, this month,” the official said, “Even as Anantnag has reported 57 new cases this month and Pulwama has 36 new infections.”

Anantnag district has 20 active cases, as of now, while Pulwama has only 7 of them. The worst-hit district continues to be central Kashmir’s Srinagar district.

While south Kashmir has reported no new deaths this month, there have been four Covid related deaths in Srinagar district. “Also, 821 new infections have been reported in Srinagar district this month,” the official said.

Srinagar district has 420 active patients still under treatment.


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