NC denounces undue motorcycle seizures by police

NC denounces undue motorcycle seizures by police

Srinagar: The National Conference on Wednesday expressed concern over the undue intimidation the public is facing at the hands of security forces and police on account of rampant motor bike seizures.

Expressing dismay over the police action, NC’s Additional Spokesperson Ifra Jan strongly echoed the public outrage over the rampant stopping and frisking and unjustified motor bike seizures by security forces. She said the much touted “Naya Kashmir” promised on 5th of August 2019 has turned out to be a basket of deplorable measures with such unbridled scanning of bags of women and kids and unjustified seizure of motorbikes, being the newest entries to it.

“The newest lows in the new normal being pushed our throats is the unjustified seizures and rampant frisking and stopping. Such measures, needless to say, have lasting psychological bearing on the people, especially on our kids, sisters and mothers. Reportedly, forces are confiscating bikes despite being shown due papers and licenses by the rightful owners of the vehicles, particularly motor bicyclists. Anxiety level of people is soaring high due to such unjustified actions,” she rued.

Calling for an end to the irksome and unbridled frisking, she impressed upon the concerned agencies to draw a line between monitoring and undue intimidation. She also demanded that the dignity of people, especially that of our mothers and sisters be respected at any cost. She further demanded release of all the seized bikes to their rightful owners.


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