Omar appeals minorities not to flee Valley

Omar appeals minorities not to flee Valley

Srinagar: Former chief minister and National Conference vice-president, Omar Abdullah on Friday said that the agenda behind the civilian killings has always been to disrupt the communal harmony and urged the minority community not to allow a repeat of the early ‘90s.

Talking to reporters in Srinagar, he said that teachers were targeted and the agenda was to hamper age-old communal harmony, culture and brotherhood of the Valley.

“It is our prime responsibility, especially of the majority community of the valley, to safeguard the lives of minorities,” he said.

The NC leader said that just as “We expect safety of Muslims in other states and countries, so we as a majority community should also ensure the safety of the minorities.”

Replying to a question, Omar said that it is easy in his position to pass any judgement but it would be extremely unfair as he can well imagine the sense of fear the minorities are living under these circumstances.

“I make an earnest appeal to all the minorities that the aim of these attacks is to drive a wedge between communities and also to drive the minorities out of Kashmir. We cannot let these attacks succeed. I make an appeal to the minorities to not consider leaving from here,” he said.

He also said that he will always try to talk to the administration to safeguard the lives of minorities and the administration should also refrain from a pick and choose approach.

“If a pandit or a Sikh was killed in the recent attacks, then why only leaves of Pandit employees have been extended for 10 days” Omar said, adding that administration should treat each community equally.

“I again urge all the minorities to not allow a repeat of the early 90’s and not let an exodus of the people outside the valley,” he said.


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