All J&K Bank Employees Federation organises 3 days conference

Jammu: All J&K Bank Employees Federation organised a three days conference in Jammu in which all units from different States also participated.
The bank employee’s unit members of Maharashtra, Mumbai, Punjab, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir and delegates from Rajouri, Poonch, Doda, Kishtwar, Ramban and others also attended the three days conference which is being held in Jammu via video conference.
The President of the Federation, Haji Farooq Ahmed and Senior Vice President, Mohammed Shafi Mandoo and other speakers of the organisation including General Secretary of the Federation, Chand Ji Khair, Guneet Ji, Vijay Kumar, and others.
The welcome address was delivered by Shri Chand Ji Khair and he also gave a speech regarding the function of trade union and union.
Shri Khair said that a labour union is an organisation that engages in collective bargaining with an employer to protect workers economic status and working conditions.
“Its aim is to ensure fair wages, benefits, and working conditions for union members,” added Shri Khair. The vote of thanks was presented by Shri Vijay Kumar Sharma.
Meanwhile, on behalf of the Federation, Shri Chand Ji Khair congratulated the Chairman, and Managing Director, J&K Bank, R.K. Chibber for extension in his term.
Secretary, Iftikhar Ahmed Dar, Vice President Vijay Kumar, Vice President Mohammed Parveez Chandel, Secretary, Raghubir Singh Jasrotia, Secretary, Ajaz Ahmed Khan, Vice President, Nisarg Salve, Secretary Vijay Humble, Secretary Prinka, Secretary Fareed Ahmed, Secretary Ramesh Kumar Bhat, Vice President Mohammed Tasleem among others attended the conference.
Besides, President, Vijay Kumar Sharma, Senior Vice President, Raghuvinder Singh Jasrotia, Vice President, Chander Shekher, General Secretary, Guneel Singh, Assistant General Secretary, Parvez Chadail, Organisation Secretary, Niteshwar Singh, Secretary -1, Varun, Secretary 0-2, Maninder Singh, Secretary -3, Daleep Singh.

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