CUK holds seminar to celebrate teacher’s day

Ganderbal: School of Education (SoE), Central University of Kashmir (CUK), organized a day-long national seminar cum webinar on “Changing Role of Teachers in the Present Scenario,” in Green Campus here Wednesday.
Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Mehraj Ud Din Mir, remarked that, the fundamental role of a teacher has remained the same despite changes in the processes or modes of teaching and learning. “He (teacher) is supposed to be a friend, guide and philosopher, an inspiring figure for his students and believe in the maxim ‘learn, unlearn and relearn’.” Prof. Mir observed that, “there can be no parallel to physical mode of teaching because it ensures true participation on the part of each participant.
In his address, Prof. Vishal Sood, Dean, SoE, Central University of Himachal Pradesh, observed that, “everyday is a teacher’s day if a teacher happens to discharge his duties with commitment, dedication, honesty and integrity.” He further said, “the concept of a Guru essentially deals with imparting the skills to the students which will facilitate them to lead a healthy and good life.” He also deliberated upon the reasons for the decline in the stature of the 21st century teacher.
In his remarks, Registrar, Prof. M Afzal Zargar, stated that, “teachers and parents always feel proud in the achievements of students and children which, in others relations or equations, is a rarity. “The job of earlier teachers used to be emancipators rather than bread and butter earners”. Prof. Zargar further said the teachers need to evolve themselves unceasingly and Co-learning has to become a buzzword in today’s art and science of teaching.”
Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Farooq Ahmad Mir, Controller of Examinations, remarked that, “teacher’s day should also be the day of introspection for every teacher at every level of his service.” He said, “teacher is a twice student”. By this, he meant that a teacher was a student in his student days and, as a teacher now he has to continue to learn, unlearn and relearn just like a student so that he is in a position to continue to contribute to nation building as a teacher.
Prof. Fayaz Ahmad Nika, Finance Officer, emphasized that, “teachers need to humanize the humanity, and has to be the situational leader and a source of inspiration for his students.” Prof. Farooq Ahmad Shah, Director, Research & Development, said, “increasing use of ICT tools has set new challenges for teachers in Covid-19 scenario and teaching faculty at CUK has successfully met all the challenges associated with the shifting of teaching from physical to virtual mode.
Prof. Nighat Basu, School of Education, in her address quoted many thinkers like Aristotle, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakhrishnan and others to emphasize the role and responsibility of teachers as nation builders. Dr. Syed Zahoor Ahmad Geelani, Dean, SoE, felicitated Vice Chancellor, Prof. Mehraj Ud Din Mir, for being nominated as the first among the top 20 eminent Vice Chancellors of the Country. In his address, he said that, “the teacher is a nation builder in every sense of the term.”
The programme proceedings were conducted by Asst. Professor, Dr. Firdous Ahmad Sofal, and Mr. Reyaz Ahmad Wani, Asst. Professor, SoE, was its Rapporteur General. Dr. Mohammad Syed Bhat, Sr. Asst. Prof. SoE, proposed the vote of thanks.
The event was driven by the primary objective of emphasizing and discussing the changing role of teachers in the Covid-19 scenario. In the technical session eight paper presentations were made and the session was chaired by Prof. Parveen Pandit, Consultant Academics. The programme was attended by 130 participants including Deans and Heads of various Schools, faculty members, scholars and students of CUK.

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