Business community, not duly compenseated for 2014 flood losses: KTA

Srinagar: Kashmir Trade Alliance said that no comprehensive package has been announced for the rehabilitation of the Business sector in Kashmir after the 2014 catastrophic floods. Kashmir Trade Alliance President Ajaz Shahdhar said that the catastrophic floods of 2014 had caused a loss of nearly Rs 10 Million crore to the Valley’s economy. He said About Rs 5 Million crore was lost, the same floods and post-floods have caused a loss of Rs 10 Million crore so far, which is still going on.
“State government had proposed Rs 44000 crore to center government as part of the flood rehabilitation program but central Govt gave nod to only7000 crores,which too were not released fully” He observed
Shahdhar said this has angered people especially the business community in Valley who were worst hit during floods.
He said GoI and the State government have only paid lip service to flood-affected people by not releasing a full rehabilitation package.



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