No change in cultivatory possession or soil type in Girdawari permitted without laid down procedure: Div Com Jammu

JAMMU: Divisional Commissioner Jammu, Dr Raghav Langer today issued detailed circular instructions regarding change of entries, soil type etc in Harvest Inspection (Register Girdawari). Strict instructions have been issued for lower revenue staff ie Girdawars & Patwaris not to deviate from the laid down procedures.
References from the Standing Order No. 22, Circular No. FC/S/MISC-1209/91 dated 12.12.1991 & FC/LS/Misc/1648/97 dated 22.12.1997 have been incorporated in the said compendium of instructions.
It was being reported to the Div Com from many quarters that few subordinate revenue officials were resorting to change of entries in the ‘khana kast’ and ‘soil type’ during writing of Girdawari without following the due procedure of Standing Order No 22. Such possession and tenancy related changes and illegal conversions of ‘land type’ has serious repercussions on the Society.
The circular reads that no Patwari shall be competent to make any entries with respect to State land and private lands & nor shall change any entries in the previous Girdawaris. All such changes shall be strictly entered separately in ‘Roznamcha Waqiati’ which shall be enquired into by the Tehsildars who shall pass appropriate orders after spot verification by way of attestation of mutation only.
Tehsildars have also been directed to initiate *action against those who have effected such changes introducing third party on spot without following due process of law.* Meanwhile, a total of 58 Girdawars were transferred today to different districts by the office of the Divisional Commissioner, who had overstayed for approx 05 years at the present place of postings. Besides, Girdawars facing any enquiry ie RDA (Regular Departmental Action), were also removed and transferred out to other districts.
The Divisional Commissioner office stated that any transferee shall neither go to his/her home district and nor to the present workplace district; in order to ensure utmost transparency and professionalism in revenue functioning.


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