[Covid] Positive Life

[Covid] Positive Life

Nasal swab, oh my God, that sterile stick when rotated inside the nostril gives goosebumps

One day in May/Ramadan my throat started behaving ugly. Later in the evening I consulted a doctor and he gave a few medicines but nothing improved. The sore throat was an indication of something bad to come. The following day I couldn’t focus on anything. I tried numerous things but all in vain. I had cold, cough, fever and what not. When all these symptoms were at their peak, it was clear what sort of flu it was. And then loss of smell and taste cleared all doubts. It was Covid jinab. I now fear common cold and fever so much that if somebody asks me to have an ice-cream or cold drink, I am like, thank you, bro, I don’t want it.
The next day I visited a nearby hospital and registered for a Covid test [RAT] with serial number 715. It was terrible while being sampled for the nasal swab. Oh my God, that stick when being rotated inside the nostril gave me goosebumps. I waited for 10 minutes, and finally, it was time to hear the news of positive/negative. That moment brought me the memories of my 10th class results, when, as usual, the JKBOSE website was taking time to load. It was an unbearable wait but, repeatedly, the website failed to display the results. That curiosity and those 10 minutes to hear Covid results recalled that moment.
The Covid sampler in PPE declared 715 as positive and a few others as negatives. I was fortunate enough that health SOPs had changed from quarantine centres to home isolation. The next few days were terrible; everyone in the home was just restricted to their rooms only. From medicines to plenty of water to dry fruits to fruits, along with resting and restricting myself from others. 14 days of isolation went by quite normally, though the initial days were difficult. But, blessings from good friends and relatives proved helpful and doctors were very kind.
During those days one night I thought it was the end. My breath almost choked and in the blink of an eye I got up and took a few sips of water and medicine and rested again. A lot of things were going through my mind. It was fear, nothing else. Covid is more fatal for comorbid patients and adults almost recover within 14 days.
Mask is the key. I came in contact with a Covid patient in a hospital just when my mask was a little loose from one side. I isolated myself immediately. But the point is that if you wear a mask and get exposed to Covid your viral load will be little compared to without a mask. It is pertinent to mention here that this virus has the potential to disturb you mentally, as people get separated from close and dear oncs, your social activities are disrupted, etc. This phase is vital to be dealt with maturity and to keep up the hope that this too shall pass.
If you test positive, remember that your determination and patience will bear fruit. Prayers with all those who are fighting the coronavirus these days.

—The writer is a bachelor’s student in Anantnag. [email protected]



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