Dr. Isha expresses gratitude to LG Sinha for considering Dental Surgeons for vacant posts of DPCs in SHA

SRINAGAR: Dental Surgeon from Jammu, Dr. Isha Kohli has expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Lieutenant Governor of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Manoj Sinha for her suggestion of considering the Dental Surgeons for filling the vacant posts of District Program Coordinators (DPCs) advertised recently by the State Health Agency (SHA).
In the 5th episode of ‘Awaam ki Awaaz’, aired on 15th August, 2021, the Lieutenant Governor, Sinha highlighted a host of invaluable suggestions and ideas received from citizens cutting across different walks of life; calling for and suggesting meaningful changes and interventions in policy and programmes of the government aiming at more effective outcomes, streamlining procedures, optimum resource utilization, among others.
Observing that J&K today is making significant strides in ensuring the development and prosperity of its people, the Lieutenant Governor remarked, “It is now our collective responsibility to fill that gap through concrete measures on every front for equitable development of every section in J&K. Though the work has begun, much more is yet to be done. It is the only reason, I earnestly wait for the third Sunday of every month so that the efforts of the UT Government could be taken ahead working on the ideas and suggestions I receive”.
During the programme, while referring to the suggestion of Dr. Isha Kohli, the Lt. Governor had observed that directions have been passed to the health department to look into the issue for appropriate action.
Expressing gratitude to Lieutenant Governor, Dr. Isha that I am grateful to Lt Governor who considered my suggestion and talked about that on ‘Awaam ki Awaaz’. “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Lieutenant Governor, who spared his precious time and considered my suggestion for inclusion of Bachelor of Dental Surgery as essential qualification for post of District Programme, advertised by State Health Agency ABPMJAY J&K recently”, Dr. Isha said with satisfaction.
She added, “I am overwhelmed that Lieutenant Governor himself noticed that Dental Surgeons study MBBS subjects as part of their curriculum and therefore, making us eligible for such posts will create Job avenues for so many dental surgeons across J&K who face so many hardships”.
Dr. Isha further said that the potential and knowledge of dental surgeons can be utilised in improving health care system in J&K during these critical times of COVID-19.
Highlighting that ‘Awaam ki Awaaz’ is a unique outreach programme launched by Lieutenant Governor, Dr. Isha said that this programme gives platform on which common citizens through email, WhatsApp, phone etc can raise their grievances and concerns with the Lieutenant Governor himself. She further advised the general public to use this platform for redressal of their grievances on timely basis which go unnoticed otherwise.

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