Next 100 days crucial in terms of 3rd wave: WHO expert

Next 100 days crucial in terms of 3rd wave: WHO expert

SRINAGAR: The WHO’s Surveillance and Medical Officer (S&MO) Dr Ashiq Rashid Mir has said that vaccination has played an important role in the delay of emergence of the 3rd wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

The expert however warned that the next hundred days are crucial in terms of the 3rd wave of Covid. He stressed that the strategy to delay or stop the impact of the 3rd wave is to get vaccinated.

“All those individuals who have not taken the first dose of vaccine must get inoculated while those who have taken the first dose and completed their interval period should get the second dose to get the benefit of vaccination,” the WHO officer said.

Also, he said, Standard Operating Procedures need to be followed properly and the other guidelines issued by the Government should be followed in letter and spirit including avoidance of outside gatherings and crowding.

He emphasised on the government-issued guideline that more than 25 people should not assemble at a single place as it poses threat of spread of the infectious disease.

He urged people to wear masks, use hand sanitisers, and get vaccinated to remain safe from Covid infection.

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