Drive carried by JMC to retrieve enchroached Nallah

JAMMU: An anti-encroachment drive was conducted by Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) today during which an illegal structure raised on sewerage (Nallah) was demolished by the Enforcement Wing of the Corporation.
The drive was conducted on the direction of the Municipal Commissioner, Jammu and under the overall supervision of Chief Enforcement Officer along with the CTO and the Khilafwarzi staff in presence of Magistrate 1st Class.
The drive was conducted in coordination with the Police Department and District Administration Jammu.
Giving details, JMC spokesperson said that it has been found that the illegal encroachments on sewerages (Nallah) has led to heavy blockage within the sewerage line which has resulted in release of sewerage water into the adjoining houses of the local residents especially during the rainy season. To tackle this issue, JMC is in process of identifying such major points where any encroachments have been found on the sewerage, such illegal structures shall be removed.
“As reported by the concerned enforcement staff, an illegal structure was found in Jeewan Nagar which was raised over the sewerage (nallah) and was causing huge blockage of sewage water and thus diverting the flow of sewage water into the houses of the local residents of the area during heavy rainfall. The structure has been demolished today and the blockage has been removed.” added the JMC spokesperson.
The JMC spokesperson also said that the Jammu Municipal Corporation is against all such illegal structures which are raised over the sewerages and are blocking the normal flow of the nallah. Such structures are severely impacting the planned development of the Jammu City.

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