Week-long workshop on Artificial Intelligence concludes at NIT Srinagar

Conducting workshops on relevant themes are the need of the hour: Prof. Sehgal

Srinagar: A week-long virtual workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution for Optimum Utilization of Power and Energy concluded on Monday at the National Institute of Technology, (NIT) Srinagar.
The workshop was sponsored by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) in collaboration with ATAL academy organized by the Department of Electrical Engineering, NIT Srinagar, while Prof. Aijaz Ahmad Zargar and Dr. Kushal M Jagtap were the coordinators of the event.
The valedictory session of the workshop was presided over by the Director NIT Srinagar, Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Sehgal, who was the chief guest on the occasion. He said conducting workshops on relevant themes is the need of the hour. NIT Srinagar will act as a platform for providing relevant knowledge to people who are involved in research activities.
He also expressed his gratitude to HOD Electrical Engineering Department, Dr. Mohammad Abid Bazaz, Prof. Aijaz Ahmad Zargar, Dr. Kushal M Jagtap, and the entire team of the department for organizing a successful week-long workshop.
Prof. Seghal hailed those efforts of the department for providing a special slot for participants that boosted their morale and confidence. It also served them in multiple ways so that they were able to share their knowledge and experience, he said.
“It was a successful program which was conducted in a nice manner. All the participants have gained a lot from this workshop, which was the purpose of the program to spread the knowledge or sharing the resources,” Director NIT Srinagar said.
On the occasion, HOD Electrical Engineering Deaprtment, Dr. Mohammad Abid Bazaz expressed his gratitude to Director NIT Srinagar, resource persons, and all participants for making the event successful.
Dean Research & Consultancy, NIT Srinagar, Prof G.A Harmain congratulated the EE department for organizing such events on relevant topics.
“As humans learn from their past experiences or mistakes, so this learning experience is to be transferred to the machines so that they follow a certain set of instructions which are given by the human beings,” he said.
Prof. Harmain said humans have the ability to train the machines on the basis of past data then the machines can act much faster and even much efficient way.
He said there can be supervise learning, un-supervise learning, or reinforce learning but there are situations where super wise learning will not be choice or possibility.
Prof. Harmain said although we have got Artificial Intelligence and other technologies, where we are able to work with a better system, we have observed even in the United States supposedly till now number one in terms of its human resource, there were cyber attacks. In Mumbai also power was shut for consecutive 12 hours last year and therefore when we are using this element of AI, he said.
Prof. Harmain said most students and faculty members have a notion that cyber attacks have become easier than they would have if AI was not there.
Coordinator of the event, Prof. Aijaz Ahmad Zargar said apart from professional knowledge, the students should also be imparted with additional skills like Artificial Intelligence Technique, data scenes. He said simple B.Tech or M.Tech cannot provide them jobs in the market.
He said Department of Electrical Engineering will run such programs in the future as these programs are the need of the hour.
Earlier during the session, Dr. Rohit Bhakar, MNIT Jaipur talked about Power System Flexibility in RE Rich Grids, while the second session on Motivation and spirituality was hosted by Dr. Dhammapal Sahebrao Bhamare.
During the session, the participants hailed the efforts of the EE department of NIT Srinagar for conducting webinars on relevant themes. They expressed their gratitude to coordinators of the event.
A formal vote of thanks for the concluding session was presented by Dr. Kushal M Jagtap, Associate Professor, EE Department, and coordinator of the event. He thanked all distinguished speakers, resource persons, and students for making the event successful.
Dr. Jagtap said AI is playing a vital role in every field of engineering. In present scenario, AI is not a matter of computer science or Information technology, it is becoming popular in all streams of engineering..

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