Webinar on issues faced by specially-abled persons during Covid 19

JAMMU: A webinar for awareness on the topic “Issues faced by persons with Disabilities (specially-abled) during COVID19″was organised by the Department of Information, Cultural Wing in collaboration with JIGER NGO Jammu.
The webinar was facilitated by Humanity Welfare Organisation helpline Bijbehara. A large number of persons with disabilities joined the awareness programme and expressed their views, thoughts and experiences.
Padamshree, Jawed Ahmed Tak was the chief guest, while as Joint Director, Information Department, Namrita Dogra was the guest of honour on the occasion.
Joint Director Namrita Dogra advised the participants to take vaccination to fight Covid-19 and prevent its further spread. She stressed on the importance of covid appropriate behavior including Wearing appropriate Masks, maintaining Hand hygiene, maintaining social distance and avoiding crowded places.
She said it is very important to take vaccine of all age groups, including Persons with Disabilities. She advised the Persons with disabilities to take extra precautions as Corona infection can complicate their health issues.
Sandya Dhar, the Founder of JIGER NGO Jammu, said that persons with disabilities have been facing a number of difficulties and for the first time the department of Information & PR has shown an interest in the inclusion of persons with disabilities. It is a very fortunate and proud moment for persons with special needs. She expressed gratitude towards the department of information for breaking the ice and starting a sensitization drive for the empowerment of persons with disabilities.
Professor Tariq Bashir, a person facing 100% blindness, said that blind people faced tough challenges during the pandemic. “The visual impaired don’t know which place is safe and which isn’t. There are cent percent chances for persons with this condition to get infected. Thus blind persons have lived in full pain and chaos during COVID-19,” he expressed.
Kritka Khanna, a bronze medalist in international para sports, said that stakeholders should know the circulars and orders issued in favour of persons with disabilities. Various circulars were notified by the government from time to time but these were not implemented, she regretted.
Monica Bagal, a person with upper limb disability and member of JIGER said that persons with disabilities lost education, employment and socialisation opportunities. She demanded that the government should formulate a comprehensive rehabilitation policy for them.
Gurdeep Singh, a wheelchair ridden person with spinal cord injury and peer counsellor for severely disable persons, said that the persons with disabilities should be made aware about the personal hygiene and sanitization.
Sumit said persons with disabilities should become self advocates in order to safeguard their rights.
Abdul Rasheed Bhat, president All J&K handicapped Association said “Government has been ignoring the disable people even during risky situations. It should include persons with disabilities in policy making and flag it as top priority area.”
The Chief Guest said that information has a big role in empowering persons with disabilities. The department should issue regular advertisements for the development of the disability sector in J&K.
Thanking the Director, Rahul Panday, and the Joint Director Namrita Dogra, Tak said the Information Department should carry forward the issues faced by persons with disabilities in Education, Healthcare, employment and other sectors. “And for the redress of the same such webinars should be held on regular intervals in presence of nodal officers of all government departments to understand the problems that persons with disability face.”
Vote of thanks was presented by Suresh Kumar, of Cultural Wing Jammu. He said the information Department is willing and interested to know about the persons with disability, their aspirations and the department will leave no stone unturned to highlight their issues.

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