FMD outbreak among cattle in Pampore

Pampore: An outbreak of foot and mouth disease (FMD) has been reported in cattle and sheep from many villages of Pampore block in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district. Officials informed Kashmir Reader that so far due to FMD , eight deaths were reported in cattle and many in sheep in the block.
Ghulam Mohi ud Din, Block Veterinary Officer Pampore told Kashmir Reader that there are around 206 cases of FMD in the block and 8 deaths have been reported mostly among calves.
Adult cattle usually survive FMD and rarely die,” he said, adding that a district investigation team has collected samples from Patalbagh to identify the causative virus.
He said that the affected animal will show excessive salivation, sores on tongue and fever.
” Our teams are in the field treating the affected animals, they are recovering and the situation is under control,” he said.
Dr Atifa, Block Sheep Officer Pampore told Kashmir Reader that FMD is usually observed in large animals.
It is for the first time that it has been found in small animals, there is both morbidity and mortality but the situation is under control,” she said.
She informed Kashmir Reader that an FMD outbreak was reported from Wuyan where a team on job to control it.
“There is a need to take certain precautions to check the spread of FMD, which is a viral infection.
The affected animal should be isolated from healthy ones, avoid mingling animals,
wash affected stable with sodium bicarbonate and wash mouth of affected animal with potassium permanganate and give Copper sulphate and other antibiotics,

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