Operate JK Bank Ratsun on alternate days to ease financial dealings: Locals

People must corporate in vaccination programme to get area de-notified as microcontamination zone: officials

BUDGAM: The people from the various villages of the Rathsun Block in the Beerwah Tehsil demanding the higher authorities of the district to open its JK bank Branch in the Rathsun village on the alternative basis which has remained closed from the last 15 days after the village was declared a micro-containment zone by the Deputy commissioner Budgam under the Disaster Management Act.
The people from the Rathsun and its surrounding villages told the Kashmir Reader that they are facing difficulty to carry out their financial dealings as most of the people did not have ATM cards, internet banking, and M- pay services. So they can benefit from these services.
Ghulam Mohmmad Wani, one of the local residents from the Ohangam village told the Kashmir Reader that most of the people from the surrounding villages are fully dependent upon this branch, where the rush of the people remains very high in the normal days.
“I have a bank account in the branch, before a few days ago my ATM card expired and M-Pay services also stopped working upon my Smartphone automatically stopped in my smartphone,” He said.
“I was trying to get an instant debit card from the bank which the bank is issuing to its account holders on the immediate basis when I visited the bank it was closed. This time I can only use internet banking which is fully dependent upon the internet,” Wani said.
Most of the account holders told the Kashmir Reader they were visiting the bank for withdraw or deposit their money from the accounts; that is why they are fully dependent upon this branch.
” Due to the closure of the bank, they can’t withdraw their money and they did not have any other alternative,” he said.
Tehsildar Beerwah, Haroon Rashid told the Kashmir Reader that after the village has been declared a micro-containment zone by the district administration Budgam, where the bank branch has been also closed. So the village remains free from Covid-19 disease.
“I have personally visited the doorsteps of the people to do vaccination and sampling. But the people did not come forward. So, the village will get de-notified from the micro-containment zone. There is also proper ATM machine which is fully functional 24 hours in the village,” He said
“If the people from the Rathsun village will come forward and we can do the sampling and vaccination to the people and the health department will send the proper covid-19 report to the district administration to notify it as micro containment,’’ Rashid.

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