NC, PDP dismayed over imposition of property tax BB cantonment board

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference along with Peoples democratic partic have expressed its dissatisfaction over imposition of Property tax by Cantonment board in Srinagar Areas under its jurisdiction.
Expressing concern over the new wave of anxiety created among people by the property tax notices being served to people by the cantonment, Party Youth leader NC Ahsan Pardesi castigated the cantonment authorities for pressurizing the people to pay exorbitant property tax.
“Prevailing condition of people is not conducive for levying taxes as the local economy and individual incomes have suffered major reverses since the 2014 deluge, the condition was further compounded by the subsequent tumultuous situation, and series of Clamp down and Covid-19 induced lock down. The measures have panicked the middle and lower middle class families in the entire stretch of Srinagar falling within the jurisdiction of cantonment. What is adding salt to the wound is the unilateral evaluation of properties and assessment of the amounts to be paid,” he said.
It is uncalled for to ask people to pay taxes amidst a sulking economy and high rates of unemployment, he said, adding that the government had already decided not to levy property tax in Civil areas earlier. “Why are people living in cantonment areas being singled out and discriminated against? When in current times banks are re structuring loans how can anyone think of property taxes. Till board members were there, nothing of this was initiated. Just after the board got disbanded, the cantonment authorities thought of such an unwarranted act,” he added.
He urged the defense ministry to take cognizance of the matter and put a halt on the exercise to ensure that local populace does not suffer on any account.
Meanwhile, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on Friday demanded the revocation of property tax on the residents within the jurisdiction of Badamibagh Cantonment Board here after some inhabitants claimed to have received such notices.
Addressing a press conference here, PDP chief spokesperson Suhail Bukhari said the decision to levy property tax in the areas under the jurisdiction of the Badamibagh Cantonment Board was arbitrary and must be rolled back immediately. Badamibagh Cantonment Board, or BB Cantt, is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Defence.
There are reports that the people living within the jurisdiction of the Cantonment Board are being asked to pay property tax. Instead of helping the people who have been suffering from 2019, the government is pushing the people to the wall, Bukhari said.
He said the decision should be revoked especially since the people in the Valley were suffering economically.
This arbitrary decision of charging property tax from the local residents should be revoked immediately. People should not be made to suffer. People are in distress for the last two years as they have suffered economically. The government institutions or agencies rather than helping the people are giving them more trouble by such decisions, he said.
Bukhari said it seems the decision has been taken to weaken the people of Jammu and Kashmir economically as well as politically.
The Badamibagh Cantonment is a class II cantonment established in 1954, covering a total area of 1458.537 acres including civil area of 313.50 acres, according to the board’s website.

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