JKYF along HWVO holds virtual Interactive Session on ‘COVID 19 & Its Impact On Mental Health of Children’

Srinagar: As part of human resource development policy and mitigating mental health stress of children at Baitul Hilal , J&K Yateem Foundation in collaboration with Human Welfare Voluntary Organization (HWVO) conducted Interactive Session on “COVID 19 & Its Impact On Mental Health of Children” with Baitul Hilal Children through Virtual Mode here.
Ms. Iqra Javed, working as Program Coordinator at HWVO conducted interactive online sessions with children and staff covering issues related to child protection in emergencies including COVID -19 and children’s reaction to mental & psychological stress.
Over 30 students of Baitul Hilal participated in the virtual session of one and a half hours.
The programme conducted by HWVO with support from UNICEF, was attended by JKYF employees and Programme Executive Press & PR Division Javaid Jawad.
HWVO is Srinagar based Non Governmental Organization, that is conducting a series of similar capacity building sessions with Children of BAITUL HILAL on related issues.


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