Rs. 50,000/ fine imposed on Sanitizer manufacturing Unit

SRINAGAR: Legal Metrology Department(LMD) Srinagar, conducted the inspection of various Medical Shops in Srinagar. While conducting the inspection, a Case was registered against two Medical Shops for selling the products like Face Masks, Sanitizers, PPE Kits and Thermometers in Contravention of Legal Metrology Act 2009. These products were found without the mandatory declarations like MRP, customer Care Number etc. and in absence of these declarations, these Medical Stores were selling these products at the arbitrary prices.
In one Case, a 5 Ltr Sanitizer Cane was found short by 100 ml which led the department to slap a fine of Rs. 50,000/= on the manufacturer of this item. While conducting the quantity test of the Product, it was found lesser by 100 ml against the claimed quantity of 5 Ltrs.
Similarly, the violations were noticed with respect to the other products as well and the Notices have been sent to the offenders for further proceedings. It is pertinent to mention here that under Legal Metrology Laws, the Customer has a Right to know about the quantity, MRP, Customer Care Address on every packaged product and in case of any violation the department can be contacted on 01942490390.


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