KTA for a phased end to Covid lockdown

Srinagar: Kashmir Trade Alliance (KTA) has expressed concern over the problems faced by traders and transporters amid a month-long Covid curfew and said that the government should formulate a strategy to phased Un-lock. Ajaz Shahdhar, President, Trade Alliance, said that after the implementation of Covid Lockdown in Jammu and Kashmir on April 29, the lockdown has been going on for over a month now, as a result of which the same transport; Trade and business activities are halted. Shahdhar said that the business sector has already suffered a lot during the last two years, which is evident to the administration and the government.
He said that the traders are not in favor of any such decision, as a result of which the current epidemic is out of control and people’s lives are in danger, but now is the time for the government, in consultation with medical experts and institutions, to consider un-lock in phased manner. KTA President said as in the past, the traders cooperated with the administration by risking everything they could, once again the traders will continue this tradition, but the government should also think that Trade has collapsed.



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