Kashmir Trade Alliance calls for easing trade restrictions

Srinagar : Demanding revision of restrictions of trade activities in view of Eid-ul- Fitr, Kashmir Trade Alliance said that a strong and stable economy is essential to combat the global epidemic covidd-19. Kashmir Trade Alliance President Ajaz Shahdhar reacting to the previous administrative decision to make the lockdown more serious and stringent, he demanded that the SOPs and guidelines issued by the health department and experts to prevent the spread of the corona virus will be strictly implemented at the ground level.
Shahdhar said that on the one hand the shutters of shops are being rolled down and on the other hand the trend of avoiding social distance norms and not using masks is also at its peak. “Kashmiri people would face both financial and human losses due to this method”,. He said.
KTA President further said ” Strong economy was also required to deal with the deadly virus and the administration needed to work out a roadmap for it”.
Shahdar said that as Eid approached, traders had high hopes, but if everything remained closed, their families would be deprived of the joys of Eid. He said that if this situation continues, the joys of Eid will fade away. Shahdhar said that all activities have come to a standstill due to lockdown while other states have more cases than Jammu and Kashmir but smart lockdown has been implemented
He said that in order to fight against this insidious virus, it is necessary to take precautionary measures and also to have a stable income so that the poor people do not suffer from starvation. He demanded relaxation in lock down on the eve of Eid.



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