Don’t let the seasons hold you back! with the latest cataract surgery, restore your vision in any season

Srinagar: When one has Cataract, the natural lens of the eye becomes white or speckled, affecting its transparency. This causes blurriness, seeing a halo around lights and many other vision problems. In cataract, the patient does experience much pain, hence they usually do not pay much attention to this condition. Even with the power of their spectacles constantly reducing, they ignore it, until it becomes a complete obstacle in their daily routine & lifestyle. Surgery is the only complete treatment for this disease.
According to Dr. Manoj Gupta, Senior Consultant, Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals, Srinagar “Previously one had to wait for the cataract to ripen for conducting surgery, but now with the advancement in technology, it is no longer required. Earlier surgery was done by making a large incision, now with only a small 2 mm. incision, state-of-the-art cataract surgery is an option. The recovery of a patient from this surgery is also very fast.”
Cataracts can occur at any age. It’s beginning is the only best time for its surgery, and there is no need to wait for any other time. By getting the surgery done in time, we can save our eyes from excessive strain.
It is generally believed that cataract surgery is suitable during the winter season, which makes post-surgery care easier, because both moisture and sweat are low in winters. This thus reduces the fear of infection. Dr. Manojadded, “Surgery, in any season, does not cause any harm or discomfort. With the continuous advancement of medical science, surgery can be done at any time and there are no chances of allergies occurring as well.”
After the cataract operation, you can resume your daily activities from the very next day by taking some precautions advised by your doctor. Adhere to precautions, such as protecting your eyes from dust, not exercising, protecting eyes from smoke, not splashing water directly on the eyes, not rubbing the eyes and wearing black glasses provided by the doctor. By taking these precautions for some days you can spend your life with a new light. After the surgery, get your eyes checked during the recommended days by your doctor.
Dr. Manojsays, “When a cataract is formed in one eye, all the stress falls on the other eye, and it starts to weaken. This is also another reason, for which doctors advise to get the surgery done soon. Do not wait for the seasons to change, as soon as the cataract is formed, get surgery done immediately. This makes it easier to accomplish everyday tasks, increases the standard of living, reading, driving, exercising, and all other activities too.”
Cataract should be done in any season without any fear, on the advice of the doctor, in time. It is an absolutely safe surgery. By keeping our eyes healthy, we can also avoid being dependent on others. The difficulty in seeing develops the fear of falling or getting hurt, so to avoid this, get surgery done early and enjoy every season to the fullest.

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