A Letter from Cigarettes

A Letter from Cigarettes

We may be mindless, lifeless, but when we can understand why people turn to us, why don’t you, the wisest of all creatures?

What’s going on in this world? We are being made a subject of debate even while we are being burnt to ashes. Okay, we accept that we harm those who bring an end to our existence. We make them crave for a few more minutes after we have been slowly consumed till there remains nothing of us but stub. We accept that we make people curse both us and our lovers. We make them step away from others when we are lit. We accept that we are the worst of all! But do you know the reality? Ever wonder why we refuse to leave this good earth?
There was a person who was being ridiculed all the time. He could have done more harm to himself had he not found us and taken our assistance. Those youngsters that carry us on their lips, you see them too often wandering down the street with something going on in their minds that is too overwhelming to deal with. They find us relaxing. Or look at those educated youth who are jobless; had we not been there, they would have done something harmful to their lives. (Ask us.)
There are so many stories we have got to tell you, but trust us, we don’t do any harm to them as compared to the harm they – for being put on the rack – could have done to themselves, were we not there to keep their cool. Are we cruel, then?
We see there are posters hanging on the walls that read, “Smoking is prohibited here.” (But you can go back home and do whatever self-harm you want to do.) Shame! Instead of writing ‘smoking-prohibited here’, could it not have been better if there was something to read like, “If you are a smoker, call on this number”, and there was someone kind enough to receive the call and nip the evil in the bud by squeezing that inner deepest-cum-puzzling part of theirs out, analysing it and then solving it accordingly?
We may be mindless, lifeless, but when we can understand why people turn to us, why don’t you, the wisest of all creatures?
We would love to be loved, but take this into your consideration: it’s among you, solely you, who make others seek us. Don’t curse us. Don’t put the blame on us. The day you use your minds – roll up your sleeves, and really do something good enough in favour of those you love – would be the day we would hardly be seen.

With love,
Cigarettes about to turn into ashes
The writer hails from Gojwara. peerfaizanbashir@gmail.com



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