KU holds meeting of academic counselors of main, satellite campuses

Srinagar: Kashmir University’s Dean of Academic Affairs Prof Shabir A Bhat has urged the academic counselors of various departments of the varsity and its satellite campuses to work towards meeting the objectives of the flagship National Education Policy-2020.
Chairing a meeting of academic counselors to discuss issues pertaining to Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), Prof Bhat said the country’s higher education system is in the process of undergoing a revolutionary change with implementation of the NEP-2020 and our academic counselors across the university campuses must be ready to meet its objectives in a time-bound manner and reap the benefits.
“Our endeavors and initiatives in higher education have to be set in line with the NEP-2020 so that our contribution to the timely implementation of the policy is both distinct and visible,” he said.
Chief Coordinator CBCS Prof Mohammad Shafi said the current CBCS scheme is well-placed and operationally efficient.
He said that SWAYAM courses shall be an alternate choice corridor for the students alongside the basket courses (elective courses) available to them in the academic structure.
“The scheme focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to learning while retaining focus on specialisations. It also offers courses that impart hands-on training on skill-based courses and development of soft skills which have lifelong utility for the student community,” he said.
Dr Saleema Jan, KU’s Media Advisor and Director EMMRC offered a detailed insight into the adoption and creation of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS).
“Many faculty members have made their MOOCS courses available on the SWAYAM platform. I am glad to share that our university is far ahead in this activity, but there is much greater scope for creating more online courses,” she said.
Dr Javaid Rashid, Coordinator CBCS presented guidelines of CBCS and the role and responsibilities of academic counselors therein, while Dr Farzana Gulzar, Coordinator CBCS gave a brief presentation on adoption of SWAYAM courses by the university, as approved by the competent authorities and creating an alternate course corridor structure for Generic/Open Elective courses.
The meeting was followed by a vibrant interaction session wherein academic counselors from all campuses presented their views on CBCS and MOOCS.


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