India slams Pakistan in response

NEW DELHI: India on Wednesday regretted that the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) had raised the Kashmir issue at United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and presented “factually incorrect and unwarranted references.”

India said it regrets that OIC countries continue to allow Pakistan to misuse its platforms to indulge in anti-India propaganda.

On Turkey’s mention of Kashmir, India said in its right of reply that it is ironical for a country which has trampled upon its own civil society to pass unjustified comments on other’s internal matters.

S Pujani, Second Secretary, Permanent Mission of India to the UN exercised the Right of Reply in response to Pakistan’s statement. “We reiterate that Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are integral and inalienable parts of India. Steps by the government to ensure good governance and development in these Union Territories are our internal matter,” she said.

Pujani also drew attention towards Pakistan’s dismal record in safeguarding rights of minorities.

“Violence, institutionalised discrimination and persecution faced by Pakistan’s minorities, including Christians, Sikhs and Hindus continued unabated. There’ve been frequent attacks on places of worship of minority communities-grave violation of right to freedom of religion and beliefs,” she said.

The condition of women of minority communities, notably Hindus, Sikhs and Christians remains deplorable and an estimated 1,000 women from these communities are subjected to abduction, forced conversion and marriage in Pakistan every year as per Human Rights Commission of Pakistan’s recent report, she said.

“Recent acquittal of Omar Saeed Sheikh, the Al-Qaeda terrorist and murderer of American journalist Daniel Pearl by the Pakistani Supreme Court is a clear example of the Pakistani establishment’s nexus with such entities,” Pujani added.



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