Day Celebrated at SKIMS

Srinagar: SKIMS, celebrated World Cancer Day today at SKIMS auditorium.
On the occasion Scientific program was organized in which experts deliberated on various topics of importance about prevalence, detection, awareness and treatment of various cancers.
While giving a comprehensive overview of various cancers prevalent in the UT of J&K, the experts stressed for various preventative measures including early screening , lifestyle modifications , healthy dietary habits etc to contain the disease which is spreading at the alarming rate and is the leading cause of death.
They also emphasized for wider community participation to raise awareness and to encourage prevention, detection and treatment of the disease. The experts also discussed treatment modalities available for patients at SKIMS , which is the main centre in UT of J&K for providing specialized treatment to cancer patients. The experts included Prof. Nazir A Khan, Dr. Mir Hussain, Dr. Shah Naveed and Dr. Reshma Roshan.
Director SKIMS Dr. AG Ahangar while appreciating the Yeoman’s services by all the cancer Specialists and the Supportive Services Staff involved in the combat of cancer at SKIMS emphasised the role of both preventive and curative strategies adopted by SKIMS in the combat against Cancer Pandemic in fact said and summed up
“Cancer or Coronary
or Carotid …..or Corona…..
Come On………
We Are Eveready …..
I Salute “My White Brigade” @SKIMS. He expressed his strong belief that Cancer one day will be conquered exactly the way any other pandemic for that matter Corona Pandemic has been dealt with as on date at SKIMS.
He said cancer doesn’t spare anyone irrespective of age , gender , status and stressed on the fact that the human beings on the planet have gone beyond a simple physically active lifestyle and good dietary habits to a lifestyle which is rapidly changing in an atmosphere of Industrial and Machinery driven physically less active lifestyle in a polluted environment that has increased the tendency for developing cancers of various types over a period of time.
He stressed the need for changing the lifestyles , early detection and diagnosis of the cancers exactly the same way as we have done for diabetes, hypertension , coronary artery diseases and other such measure illnesses. He also emphasised a need for increasing awareness and preventive strategies for the combat against cancer including cessation of smoking , alcohol consumption, chewing of tobacco substances and lifestyle modifications. Moreover, self-examination, attention to any early signs like detection of a lump or a swelling anywhere in the body, unexplained bleeding or unusual discharge from any site in the body , loss of appetite or loss of weight, difficulty in swallowing or a recent change in bowl habits or change in voice. Regular screening tests of self and family members and consultations of the experts in the field could prevent , detect , treat and cure the cancers exactly in the same way as we have fought various metabolic disorders, pandemics of viral pathologies and of late Corona pandemic and concluded that “We Can and I Can defeat the cancer”_the theme of this world Cancer Day.
On the occasion Panel discussion on “Improving Cancer at SKIMS” moderated by Dr. Syed Nisar, Assistant Prof. Medical Oncology, was also held in which various experts from SKIMS participated. Painting & quiz competition for pediatric warriors was also conducted in which children suffering from cancer participated who were later felicitated.
Prof. Gul Mohammad, HOD Medical Oncology while inaugurating the program gave a detailed account of Cancer treatment and management facilities available at SKIMS. The cancer survivors also shared their experiences on the occasion. Later, Dr. Faisal Guru, Pediatric Oncologist at SKIMS concluded the program with a vote of thanks.


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