Mann ki baat: PM Modi for buying GI tagged Kashmir Saffron

  • Hails Wani for taking lead in adopting new farm techniques
  • Wani thanks PM for featuring Kashmiri Saffron and his role during talk

Pampore: The Prime Minister of India, Narendara Modi, on Sunday appealed people to buy Kashmiri saffron for its best quality and aroma.
He was speaking in monthly Radio series, Mann Ki Baat.
He said that government has give geographical indication tag or G I tag to Kashmir Saffron with the aim to make it a popular global brand.
He hoped that export of Kashmiri saffron will increase after getting Geographical Indication Tag
“It is said that Abul Fazal was one of the main courtiers in emperor Akbar’s court. Once after a visit to Kashmir, he said that the scenic beauty of Kashmir can make even irritated and short-tempered people dance with joy. In fact, he was referring to saffron fields of Kashmir. Saffron has been associated with Kashmir for centuries. Kashmir saffron is mainly grown in areas such as Pulwama, Budgam and Kishtwar,” he said.
“In May this year, the Kashmiri Saffron was given the Geographical Indication Tag or GI tag; through this, we want to make Kashmiri Saffron a globally popular brand,” he added.
The Prime Minister said that Kashmiri saffron is popular as a spice on a global scale with many medicinal properties.
“It has a strong aroma, rich colour, and its threads are long and thick which enhance its medicinal value. It represents the rich cultural heritage of Jammu and Kashmir. If we talk about quality then Kashmiri saffron is very unique and it is entirely different from saffron of other countries,” he said.
“Kashmiri saffron has got a different identity after GI tag recognition. After getting GI tag certification, Kashmir saffron was launched in a supermarket in Dubai. Now its export will increase. It will further strengthen our efforts to make a self-reliant India. Especially, saffron farmers will be benefitted.
He mentioned Abdul Majeed Wani, a saffron grower from Shaar Shali Pampore area of Pulwama district who is reaping good fortunes after selling his saffron through e-trading at trade centre Pampore.
Talking to Kashmir Reader Abdul Majeed Wani, a resident of Shaar Shaali Pampore said that he is feeling very elated after hearing the PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat.
“I never thought that PM Modi will one day will talk about me, May be he would have heard from some people about efforts in reviving saffron in Kashmir,” he said.
Majeed is one among the several saffron growers in Pampore area who have been very proactive in adopting modern agriculture techniques in their fields. He is one among the farmers who used sprinkle irrigation system in their fields to fight drought like conditions which had hit saffron production in Kashmir.
Majeed also took a lead in e trading of saffron and said that through e-trading they get double prices as compared to prevailing market rates.
Majeed Wani thanked Prime Minister Modi for appealing people for buying Kashmiri Saffron and mentioning him. He, however, urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi for providing sprinkle irrigation facility to all saffron growers in Pampore area.
He told Kashmir Reader that 105 deep bore wells have been made available but all of them not functional and urged PM to make them operational.
Wani also a present of All Saffron growers association.
Meanwhile, Abdul Majeed Wani was congratulated by many people for getting featured in Mann ki Baat.


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