‘Srinagar Smart City Istaqbaal-e-Chila-e-Kalaan’ concludes at Tagore Hall

Festival brought all cultures under one umbrella: DC Srinagar

Srinagar: The three day cultural event ‘Srinagar Smart City Istaqbaal-e-Chila-e-Kalaan’ (40-days of harsh winters) concluded at Tagore Hall here on Monday.
The cultural event was organized by Actors Creative Theatre (ACT) in collaboration with J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Language in association with Directorate of Tourism Kashmir. 92.7 Big FM was the Radio Partner.
The chief guest on the occasion was District Development Commissioner (DDC) and CEO Srinagar Smart City Limited Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary (IAS).
While speaking on the occasion, Choudhary appreciated the organizers for holding such a cultural event. “I believe that the event can only be organized by the lively hearted people that too in these harsh winters when we fear to come out of our homes,” he said.
He said that the event also reflected the culture of J&K through performances presented by the artists. “This event has brought all cultures under an umbrella,” Choudhary said adding they wouldn’t feel any cold after witnessing the spirit of the people here for the next 40 days.
A memento and shawl was presented to DDC Choudhary by the Festival Director Mushtaaque Ali Ahmad Khan on the occasion.
Sayyed Humayun Qaisar was the guest of Honour, Tariq Javeed, Dr. Shehzada Aasim, Parvez Manoos and Gulshan Badrani were special Guests on the Occasion.
Former Director All India Radio, Srinagar, Sayyed Humayun Qaisar said that when a Football match can be played in the Chila-e-Kalaan’ why not such a Cultural Event. “I remember in 2015, a cricket match was played on Dec 10th, Jan. 21st, so why can’t we hold such event that enthralls the people in winter,” he said.
On the last day of the event, four plays were performed that include Be Adabi Maaf, Bijli, Chila-E-Kalaan written by Sheikh Haneef and a play ‘Potchh’ written by Basheer Kotroo. Other cultural activities like Bhangra by ACT, Bhangra and Dogri Dance by Shagufta and group, Gojri Songs and Pashtu songs by Tabassum and Pahari songs by Tariq Pardesi and Masarrat Naaz were also presented. A standup comedy was also performed by Gul Javaid.
Festival Director Mushtaaque Ali Ahmad Khan said that aim of holding this event was to enjoy the harshest period of winters in an extraordinary way. “But I am thankful to all my artists and team members who made this event possible in an artistic way, where we could also connect to our culture,” he said.
He said that he received an outstanding response from the people on the three day event.
Tariq Javaid, a renowned actor / Producer / Director of Radio and Television, Shahzad Azim, a music researcher, Parvaiz Manoos, writer and Gulshan Badrani, poet, writer and a cultural activist, were also felicitated on the occasion. All the sponsors and supporters were also felicitated for making this event a success.
The three day event was hosted by Farah Zaidi and radio broadcaster Rasheed Nizami.

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