APPSCC greets people on Gurpurab

Srinagar: All Parties Sikh Coordination Committee has extended greetings to people on the occasion of 551st birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. APSCC leaders, Principal Naranjan Singh, Ajeet Singh Mastana, Sant singh, Dr. Jaipal Singh Bali, Davinder Singh, Master Kuldeep Singh and others have wished and prayed this festive occasion of Gurpurab brings about peace & happiness in the world.
In a statement, APSCC Chairman and JKAP Vice Provincial President Jagmohan Singh Raina,said “people should follow teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and his message of love and peace should percolate down the world. APSCC Chairman said,”ultimate peace can be achieved if people follow the path set out by Guru Nanak ji. He said Kashmir held a special place for Guru Nanak ji since he visited the valley along with his companions which left an indomitable impact on Kashmir.T
Guru Nank Dev ji visited Kashmir in 1518 AD. He stayed at Bijbehara and Avantipur. He happened to meet Pandit Brahm Das who was highly impressed with the way of life and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji which led him to embrace Sikhism, the beginning of Sikhism in the valley. Universal brotherhood and secularism entailed from his companionship with Bala; a Hindu and Mardana; a Muslim. A musical instrument ‘rabaab’ that was always carried by Mardana, is preserved at Shernangla in Ramnagar Jammu.
Although ,Guru Nanak Dev ji preached against caste systems and suppression carried out all around the world. He covered thousands of miles on foot, addressing and preaching people about humanity. The natives of Basoli were so much influenced by the philosophy of Guru Nanak dev Ji which reflects in the Seventeenth-Eighteen century paintings (pahari and miniature paintings), which are available in worldwide libraries. He used to enlighten people by reciting the hymns and showering praise on Almighty. His preaching was so effective that social evils and demons adopted the path of sincerity and honesty.
May Waheguru ji relieve the world of pandemic crisis and heal each one affected in these trying times.

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