Advocate Rabia filled her nomination papers for BDC Narvaw

BARAMULLA: An advocate by profession and a social worker, advocate Rabia Khursheed filled her nomination forms for the post of BDC in Narvaw block of Baramulla district on Friday. She will contest in the elections as an independent candidate and her only slogan is to develop her area.
Talking to media men soon after filling papers she said that her only motive is development and she is not associated with any political party.
She said a large number of people filled their nomination forms after they were backed by one or other political party, however I filled the papers only for the development of my society, block, and region. Not only for Narvaw I will fight for the development of other blacks after win.
She said in past few days I visited several areas of Narvaw and Baramulla I saw people are facing lot of hardships including shortage of potable drinking water, shortage of electricity and roads which are basic needs of every person living in the earth, however I saw people are in pain, this is reason I motivate my self and then I motivate my parents and in-laws who allow me to contest in the elections.
I hope people will vote and support me and I believe that I will solve their problems.

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