Traffic Police in Srinagar launches special drive to curb traffic violations

SRINAGAR: The Traffic Police City today launched a special drive against traffic violators to curb traffic violations in Srinagar.
It was given out that Traffic accidents take a huge toll on human life and India contributes 23 percent of the world fatalities (two lakh ninety nine thousand), which mostly are due to traffic rule violations
The department has also launched in parallel a month long awareness programme for general awareness of the citizens in collaboration with Kashmir Road Safety Foundation and God’s Lap NGO organized an on-road traffic awareness programme on the hazardous use of HID (High-intensity discharge lamp) and importance of HSRP (High Security Registration Plate).
During the awareness programme the motorists were made aware how HID lights are being the main cause of traffic accidents during night hours.
Similarly, the motorists were also made aware about the advantages of HSRP, which come with non-removable snap-on locks and are difficult to replace, helps authorities to identify the stolen vehicle with centralized database along with 10 digits Pin and also has a uniform pattern of registration number plate therefore addressing the issue of ‘incomprehensible’ vehicle registration plates.
Meanwhile, Traffic Police City Srinagar has requested the motorists to follow traffic rules and save lives.

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