LPG cylinder new rules Need to share OTP for home delivery

New Delhi: If you are Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) gas cylinder subscriber then take note of this new rule that becomes effective from today.
Now, LPG cylinder subscribers have to furnish a one-time password (OTP) to get their LPG cylinders delivered at home.
For customers who are opting for home delivery of LPG Cylinders, Oil companies will implement Delivery Authentication Code (DAC). The Delivery Authentication Code (DAC) system of delivery.
How does it work?
Customers who want home delivery of their LPG cylinders will get a code on their registered mobile number. Successful delivery of LPG Cylinders will only take place when the customers provide the OTP Code to the delivery person.
Customers on their registered mobile number will get a code who want home delivery of LPG at their home. Delivery of LPG cylinders will only happen when a customer provides OTP code to the delivery man.
Subscribers who fail to implement this new delivery system will face difficulty in ordering gas cylinders.
Indian Oil’s LPG refill booking system
For the convenience of the customers, Indian Oil has started one common number for Indane LPG refill booking. LPG refills common booking number for the entire nation is 7718955555 and it is a 24×7 service for the customers.
“The current system of telecom circle-specific phone numbers for booking Indane LPG refills will be discontinued after 31.10.2020 midnight and the common booking number for LPG refills i.e. 7718955555, will be in force,” the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas had said in its release. —Agencies


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