Gulmarg Gandola started, 106 tourists enjoy the ride :official

Baramulla: The government of Jammu and Kashmir started the commercial operation of Gulmarg Gandola on Sunday. On the very first day 106 tourists enjoy the phase one ride and they visited Kangdori on Saturday, officials said.
They said among the 106 tourists 36 were non local tourists while as 70 were locals.
They added that the corporation earned 78 thousand rupees as ticket charges from the tourists and hoped that it will increase in next few days as operations will be increased.
Earlier the government of Jammu and Kashmir announced that the operations will be carried out only twice a week viz Saturdays and Sundays by observing requisite protocols of Covid-19 viz maintaining social distance, sanitization of cabins before and after boarding and de-boarding of passengers, compulsory wearing of masks by all, etc.
No tourist shall be allowed to board the Gondola without wearing of masks and any tourist with temperature exceeding 99° Celsius shall not be allowed to enter the premises of the ropeway.
The government stopped the Gandola services from 20 March 2020 after Coronavirus pandemic.

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