Complete resumption of businesses should be allowed: KTA

Welcomes covid testing of traders

SRINAGAR: Welcoming the Administration to conduct Covid-19 test for shopkeepers and traders in the markets and bazaars, Kashmir Trade Alliance(KTA) said that this initiative will create a sense of security among shopkeepers and consumers.
Kashmir Trade Alliance President Ajaz Shahdhar said that for the past four days, the administration in Srinagar has launched a comprehensive campaign to test the covid-19 on markets, bazars, shopping malls and other business places on war footing, with positive and far-reaching results. He said that if this initiative had been launched first, it would have yielded significant results so far, and would also have been helpful in preventing the spread of coronavirus.
“It is not too late, but if the scope of these tests needs to be seriously expanded and they are conducted in the markets of towns and other areas, they will be helpful” He said.
President KTA said that there will be a sense of security among shopkeepers and traders, and it can be profitable for businesses as well.
He hoped that the Divisional administration would reconsider its policy of reopening shops and businesses on alternative days, so that traders and business community could recover the damage from the last six months.
“Shopkeepers have been tested for corona, there is no reason to keep these markets closed on alternate days, but they should be allowed to continue trading in these markets for whole week.” Shahdhar said.

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