BJP IT cell has gone rogue, says Subramanian Swamy

NEW DELHI: All is not well between BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy and the party’s IT Cell headed by Amit Malviya.
Swamy said in a tweet on Monday, “The BJP IT cell has gone rogue. Some of its members are putting out fake ID tweets to make personal attacks on me. If my angered followers make counter personal attacks, I cannot be held responsible just as BJP cannot be held responsible for the rogue IT cell of the party.”
After one follower asked Swamy to ignore the matter, Swamy replied, “I am ignoring this but BJP must sack them. One Malviya character is running riot with filth. We are a party of ‘maryada purushottam’ not of Ravan or Dushasan.”
It is not yet clear as to what triggered the outburst, but there seem to be some tweets about Swamy.
Calls and messages to BJP IT Cell head Amit Malviya went unanswered.
While Swamy attacked the BJP IT cell on Monday, the issue seems to be simmering for some time now.
On Sunday, Swamy retweeted a tweet by one Ramesh, “Hopefully you havent spent all the hitjob budget on Dr @swamy39.”
This was preceded by a tweet which complained to BJP President J.P. Nadda about Malviya.
Swamy retweeted the tweet by the same person, “Dear @JPNadda ji.. you may want to take a serious look at this hit job by @amitmalviya on Dr @Swamy39.

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