CS victim of delusions of grandeur: PC

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference on Saturday lashed out at the Chief Secretary and termed his utterances as delusions of grandeur.
In a statement, the party spokesperson Adnan Ashraf Mir said that the Chief Secretary needs to speak within his pay and grade. “Kashmir has this problem where people get delusions of grandeur. It sees like the Chief Secretary is the latest victim of the same set of delusions. We extend our sympathy and hope he comes out of it. We also hope that Delhi comes out of their delusions. If the utterances of the Chief Secretary are any indicators of what he thinks of himself and this is what he briefs his bosses in Delhi, then Delhi doesn’t need enemies in Kashmir. Talk of inventing a lie and then believing in it. He takes the cake.”
He said that last one year has been the tyranny of the unelected. “An IAS officer whose only achievement in life is that he cracked an exam will never know the struggle of fighting and winning elections. Sitting in ivory towers lecturing politicians is easy, let these officers come on the streets to display their public support now that they have aspirations of replacing the elected representatives.”

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