Why does no one care for Khumani Chowk Bemina ?

Why does no one care for Khumani Chowk Bemina ?


On behalf of the people of Khumani Chowk Bemina, I would like to ask the district administration Budgam what they have done – and if nothing, why? – for our area? Why is there such poor infrastructure in terms of roads and electricity and healthcare? Why is there no good school? Why is our area in such a shambles, even though Srinagar’s city centre Lal Chowk is just 4-5 kilometers away?
In every sphere we are neglected by the district administration. If we compare the area with those classified as “backward areas”, we will find that the backward areas are better than Khumani Chowk Bemina. Economically, socially, educationally, and politically we have been disempowered. The roads are so dilapidated that you can’t walk without the fear of falling on your face. How difficult it must be for pregnant women to travel to a hospital. All the time the women must be fearing if their child will stay alive or not.
Our district administration has become a talking shop. It only speaks and does nothing. So, too, are the people here. In other areas, people blockade roads to demand facilities from the government, but the people here think it a sin to blockade roads. They will face all difficulties in travelling to office, hospital, or school, but they won’t do anything about it. I wouldn’t blame the local MLA either. Every time we have trusted in him, we have been disappointed.
The less said about education facilities for our children, the better. For about three decades we have been demanding a separate higher secondary school for girls. Similar is the situation with health facilities. Our primary health center does not have the facility for a single blood test.
I must say, Khumani Chowk Bemina must be classified as a backward area. Just the condition of our roads and drainage system is enough to earn that tag. Administrators always say, sorry, we don’t have any funds. If it gets backward area status, perhaps the funds will begin to flow.

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