No affiliation with Shar-e-Khas Traders Association: Beopar Mandal Mahraj Gunj.

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir’s oldest trade body Beopar Mandal Maharaj Gunj has said that it has no affiliation with the ‘Shahar Khas Traders Association’ .
In a statemst issue here it said that some fraudulent elements in recent times have formed the so-called ‘Shar-e-Khas Traders Association’ and are using the names of the members of Beopar Mandal Maharaj Ganj for their personal interests.
Adding that the members are receiving information that a handful of elements for their personal interests in government offices, banks and other places have set up fraudulently ‘Shar-e-Khas Traders Association’ which has no affiliation with Beopar Mandal Maharaj Ganj.
“Shar-e-Khas Traders Association is making unsuccessful attempts to discredit Beopar Mandal Maharaj Ganj and its esteemed members,” the statement reads. Adding, Beopar Mandal Maharaj Ganj is a decades old historical trade body and defamation of Beopar Mandal Maharaj Ganj will not be allowed under any circumstances.

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