SDA conducts meeting for automation of services

SRINAGAR: Vice Chairman, Srinagar Development Authority (SDA), Vikas Kundal Tuesday conducted a meeting here for automation of 14 services provided by SDA to the public.
These services include building permission, outstanding premium or charges, permission to sub-let of property etc. that pertains to Town Planning Wing and services like registration, transfer, possession and sublet of property that comes under Land Management Wing of SDA, online public grievances and online RTI application will also be available for public to access and apply.
With this automation, online G2C services will be easily delivered to the public, enabling delivery and administrating of e-governance projects in J&K.
After these 14 services, all other services will be automated phase-wise and SDA will change its semi-automatic service delivery to completely automated so that the applicant doesn’t require applying in person.
Sr. Town planner, Secretary, Dy. Director, Land Management, SDA and others attended the meeting.

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