Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

Mariya Younis

The initial days of the Covid-19 pandemic were horrific and frightening. With the passing of time, however, it has become a new normal. Life brings with it what not and we have to be strong to fight every battle that we face. This pandemic has taught us many lessons. Before this pandemic we felt that only meeting our loved ones and friends physically, travelling often, and relishing the cuisine at restaurants made life worth living. This pandemic has taught us that relations are not dependent on just spending time together physically. It is emotions and values that keep us connected. Even during this crisis we are connected to our loved ones through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, IMO and many other platforms.
When this dreadful virus goes away, it will be a whole new world. Skipping handshakes and hugs, keeping safe distance, and being more diligent about hand washing will be the new routine. Things we were earlier not concerned about would become important. Though it’s difficult to find a bright side to this coronavirus outbreak, there are some positive things, too. From eating unhealthy junk food we have started enjoying home-made food. More companies will now permit employees to work from home, which many employees will prefer.
People will take their personal space more seriously. We will stop getting into crowded places. We will also be having a better understanding of public health ethics. Schools and universities will be more prepared for distance learning. Online medium of teaching will be the new norm. Life after this pandemic can be beneficial in many ways. Unnecessary gatherings will not be held. Stupid parties will come to an end. Big fat weddings may go extinct.
Countries’ economies, too, may flourish by depending on more local manufacturing and produce.
It might be stormy now, but it won’t last forever.

The writer is a student of journalism and mass communication at Islamic University of Science and Technology.

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