Deeds as important as faith in Islam

Deeds as important as faith in Islam


The Prophet (SAW) is reported to have said that the believer is the one whose words are confirmed by his deeds. The laws of Allah are such that one who works sincerely and in a right direction always triumphs. Salvation, too, is the result of righteous deeds. All rightly guided religions endorse the importance of virtuous deeds. Islam places righteous deeds right next to faith (Iman) in Allah, His Messengers, and the Judgement Day, as the key to Salvation. Islam makes it crystal clear that only those are assured of salvation who possess faith by conviction, perform righteous deeds, stick to truth, and display patience and forbearance (Al-Quran, 103:1-3). In Islam forgiveness of sins is dependent upon a man’s sincerity and his deeds. In Islam, faith in God is not enough; the deeds will be weighed as much on the Day of Judgment.
Mehmet Akif (d.1936), a famous Turkish poet, aptly puts it: “The Quran was not sent down in order to be read after those who die or in order to tell fortune. It was sent down in order to advise the living people, to remind heedless people of the truth, and to warn them against the disasters in the world and in the hereafter that can hit them.” No excuse is left for those who do not heed these warnings and advice (Quran, 36: 5-6, 69-70; 06: 155-157). Salvation is earned, not granted through privilege. The Prophets and their sincere companions toiled hard to please Allah and ensure the welfare of His creation. Let us not sit idle and wishful. Let us actualise our salvation through noble deeds and strong faith. Being a Muslim today is as hard as it has been at any other time, for to be a Muslim is to constantly face the challenge of knowing what Allah wills or desires, not only for humanity in general but also for oneself in particular, and then of doing what one believes to be Allah’s will and desire, at each moment of one’s life. Let Allah ease our path to salvation and eternal success. Ameen!

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