From whence have you the light by which you enlighten others ?

From whence have you the light by which you enlighten others ?

Mir Abas

Has there ever been an age in which immorality and egotism have been greater or more dominant than in this one? The tree is known by its fruits. With your imaginary natural reason, from whence have you the light by which you are so willing to enlighten others? Are not all your ideas borrowed from your senses, which do not give you the reality but merely its phenomena? Is it not true that in time and space all knowledge is but relative? Is it not true that all which we call reality is but relative, for absolute truth is not to be found in the phenomenal world? Your natural reason possesses only the appearance of truth and light, not its essence. The more this appearance increases and spreads, the more the essence fades from view; man gropes vainly after the dazzling phantasmal images he himself conjures.
The philosophy of our age raises the natural intellect into independent objectivity, and gives it judicial power, exempting it from any superior authority, making it voluntary, converting it into divinity by closing all harmony and communication with God. This god of Reason, which has no other law but its own, is to govern Man and make him happy? Is darkness able to spread light? Death capable of giving life? It is the truth alone that leads man to happiness. That which you call truth is a conception empty of matter, the knowledge of which is acquired from without and through the senses.
You abstract from the scriptures and traditions their moral, theoretical and practical truth; but as individuality is the principle of your intelligence, and as egotism is the incentive to your will, you do not see, by your light, the moral law which dominates, or you repel it with your will.

The writer is Assistant Professor, Department of English, Govt Degree College Handwara

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