Artists demand release of payments, promoting local talent though Kashir Channel

SRINAGAR: JK youth Media Federation has called for telecasting local programmes on Kashmir Channel to revive its glory with a chance to be given to local talent, besides immediately releasing pending payments of the artists.
The federation expressed its dismay over the channel giving preference to flop films from Mumbai based producers who are earning from a regional channel meant for the region.
In a statement issued here it said Kashir channel being a platform to showcase Kashmiri art and culture’ is on contrary a platform for flop Bollywood movies with no entertainment content for the Kashmiris with authorities silent over the issue.
The channel was launched to showcase the local programmes but unfortunately, the programmes are not telecasted anymore, instead feature films are being shown. The irony is that the channel has been turned into a “money minting machine for Mumbai-based producers whose flop movies are run at prime time while local artists suffer. It further said that while other regional channels and artists associated with them are progressing Kashmiri artists fraternity is witnessing a downfall. €Several artists have spent their hard earned money on the programmes but they have not been telecasted yet and their payments have not been released.
With this, the only demand of every Kashmiri Artist to government authorities is that the local programmes should be telecasted again to revive the glory of this channel and the pending payments be released as soon as possible.

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