Young women discover the chef in them courtesy corona lockdown

Young women discover the chef in them courtesy corona lockdown

Srinagar: The lockdown on the streets has led to increased activity in the kitchen. With all family members together at home, and with all day to spare, and with all restaurants and food delivery closed, cooking has become a necessity, and necessity is the mother of invention. Recipes on the internet, especially on YouTube, have stirred interest in cooking of even those who were wary of it. Now a variety of dishes and sweets are being prepared in almost every home.

Young women and girls have started investing their time in learning the art of cooking. Instead of the usual staple meal, they are more keen on making special dishes and sweets.

Aaliya, 22, says she was never interested in cooking but in the past few days she saw her friends uploading pictures of different dishes and sweets made by them at their home.

After this, Aaliya says, she too decided to get her hands dirty. She first tried to prepare a simple dish, but it turned out very well. And then a chain reaction began, with recipes available on internet and YouTube serving as catalyst, of one dish after another prepared by her own hands.

“I started making tasty snacks and sweets at home. I used to be a regular visitor to restaurants and cafes, but since the lockdown began, I had not been able to go anywhere,” she said.

“Now I’m giving myself the feel of a restaurant by preparing the very dishes I used to eat at restaurants. Gradually my culinary skills are improving and so far I’m satisfied with my efforts,” she added.

Similarly, Andleeba, 18, who calls herself a “foodie”, has finally found the time to pursue her interest in the culinary arts. In the past few days, she says, she has made pizzas, momos, gulab jamuns, and jalebis. She says they were extremely tasty. All her relatives were full of praise for her, she informs.

“A person never knows how many skills they carry inside. Upon discovering such skills in ourselves, we become more self-confident,” she says. “I made all the dishes on my own and they were no less in taste than those served at the best restaurants.”

There are many others who’re making the most of their time at home to explore different recipes and hone their culinary skills. However, with the internet restricted to low speed, everyone is struggling with trying to copy the method they see on YouTube.

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